Our Story

After Covid hit, my uncle Jim and I noticed a lot of gloves and masks being discarded on the ground, around town, by people.  This led us to look into the issue with the Google machine and we discovered that this had turned into a huge, growing, global problem.  Not only people littering outside stores but the massive amounts of Rubber Gloves being thrown in the landfills around the world. 

We also discovered these gloves are making their way to the oceans.



rubber gloves pollution


To give you another good look at these problems, here are some eye opening videos..



This next video shows the effect and massive problem on our oceans:




We also discovered two other big problems people are having with normal gloves: 

Self Contamination & Difficulty of Use

There are a number of videos on Youtube now that show how regular protective gloves don’t protect you if not used properly.  Touching surfaces with your gloves and then touching yourself or your phone will still contaminate and cause spread on your body. 

So we brainstormed and worked out a method to have a glove, ready at your side and have it easy to remove and easily put it back on when you need to use it.

 Bingo!  These problems also solved!

We searched and found a very reputable manufacturer in Singapore that could work with us.  This wasn’t easy to find due to our low budget to get this going.

We rolled up our sleeves and after a few months of trial and error we had come up with the perfect design with the perfect material. 

The material had to be Recyclable, Easy to Clean, Comfortable & Strong.  After a lot of research we found the perfect fit to all of these.  A specific, type of FDA Grade, Silicone that also has the perfect softness and durability.

After a ton of testing on prototypes we have found it to be incredibly strong including the material around the hole (where you clip the reel to).  Our end result is actually beyond my expectations!

So we are very happy to share this product with the world and we also wish everyone health and happiness in these crazy, stressful times.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message through our contact form: here

Best Wishes!

Rich W.


Watch Guard Glove Rx in Action!